Welcome to VENUE3 Health Club – the world-class Recreation Health Club in Sharjah! Tone your body, stretch your muscles and discover the rewards of living fit, at VENUE3 Health Club. With state-of-the-art equipment and expert trainers, VENUE3 Health Club is dedicated to delivering the ultimate service and hospitality experience for those that expect and demand the more refined things in life. We have a well-equipped gym with swimming pool, where we offer various fitness classes like Zumba, crossfit, weight loss, gym, body toning and swimming classes up to four levels, for kids, ladies and gents. We are one of the few fitness club that focus on bringing couples and families together to lead active lifestyles, in Al-Nahda, Sharjah.

Our fitness club has a team of well experienced Trainers. They provide personal training or circuit training. Here we give the services of weight loss, gym, swimming pool, zumba, Fitness Programs etc. For ladies who are looking to get fit, we provide the services like ladies gym, swimming classes for ladies, Zumba class for ladies, Fitness Programs for women, weight loss or build muscle for healthy and happy lifestyle. For children, who are overweight and their parents looking to get fit, their child, then please contact Venue3 Health Club. Because Venue3 Health Club gives the best service for kids to weight loss.The  Venue3 Health Club has the experienced trainers for kids. They take care your kids and helping him get to a healthy weight. To reduce the weight of your kids, Trainers have some programs like swimming, Zumba etc.

Whether you are searching best fitness center for building muscles or burn fat, then you contact the Venue3 Health Club. The Venue3 Health Club gives you the fit body. Our experienced trainers are trained you, and it will help to build your muscles. Fitness of your body, we provide swimming classes, weight loss, gym etc programs. If you want a personal trainer for weight loss, then Venue3 Health Club hand over the personal trainer.


The desire to bring family and friends together was the sole inspiration behind the birth of this club. In this age of fast-paced lives, parents don’t often get time to unwind after a stressful day at work, children miss out on an active lifestyle after heavy homework, and friends are unable to set aside time to catch up. We envision our club to serve as a place to relax and rejuvenate both body and mind; a place where fitness and wellness go hand-in-hand; a place where families and friends can get together to take a break from the pressures of life and take a step towards wellness and harmony.


VENUE3 Health Club aims to inculcate a healthy and happy lifestyle in families, and the society at large. Our club features something for everyone – from infants to seniors. We have after-school programs and vacation summer camp for kids that help instil an active lifestyle for children at an early age. We also have a ladies only gym program for those that would prefer it. Our group programs for families, friends and colleagues include team building and stress busting activities that bring about in harmony in relationships.